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Hearing Services Program


The Department of Health (the department) administers the Australian Government Hearing Services Program (the program) which supports the delivery of hearing services to eligible people. Services are delivered by more than 280 contracted service providers (providers) at over 3000 sites across Australia.

Service Provider Contract

To become a provider under the program, businesses must complete the Accreditation process. The outcome of a successful accreditation is the provision of a Service Provider Contract (the contract) with the department. 

In addition to the legislative requirements of the program, the contract establishes the requirements under which providers are required to deliver and claim for services to eligible clients.

Providers should also be familiar with the Deed of Standing Offer (the deed) with device manufacturers and suppliers (referred to as Appointed Suppliers). The deed sets out the specifications for hearing devices supplied through the program to program clients.  For more information please view Manufacturers and Suppliers.

For more information on the contract please view the Service Provider Contract.

Provider Transition

On 1 October 2019, a new Service Provider Contract took effect following the thematic review that resulted in the consolidation of the program legislation. To support providers to transition to the new legislative and contractual arrangements a transition period has been established. For more information about the transition arrangements please view Provider Transition.

Schedule of Service Items and Fees

The Schedule of Service Items and Fees is established under the Hearing Services Program (Voucher) Instrument 2019 (the instrument). As required by the instrument, the Services Schedule incorporates a range of program standards, the Schedule of Service Items and the Schedule of Fees. The Schedule of Service Items and Fees may be amended or replaced in part or in its entirety from time to time.

The contract requires providers to comply with all requirements of the Schedule of Service Items and Fees.

Program Standards

  • The Hearing Rehabilitation Outcomes for Voucher Holders (HROs) describe the outcomes required to be achieved in delivering services to program clients. For more information please view the Hearing Rehabilitation Outcomes.
  • The Minimum Hearing Loss Threshold (MHLT) Guidelines lists the exemption criteria which must be followed for fitting a client who has mild hearing loss. For more information please view the Minimum Hearing Loss Threshold Guidelines.
  • The Eligibility Criteria for Refitting (ECR) lists the criteria to support a refitting of a hearing device/s through the program and the required supporting documentation. For more information please view the Eligibility Criteria for Refitting.


  • The Schedule of Service Items provides information, descriptions and conditions for claiming for services available to program clients through the program. For more information please view the Schedule of Service Items.
  • The Schedule of Fees provides information for providers relating to fees payable for service items specified under the Contract. The current Schedule of Fees and Previous Schedules of Fees are available.


Previous Schedule of Fees

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