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Disability Employment Services

Information for Disability Employment Services (DES) participants and providers.

DES – Disability Management Service

Participants of (DES) - Disability Management Service (DMS) are eligible (under Part (III) of the Disability Services Act 1986) to receive hearing services though the Australian Government Hearing Services Program (the program).

To apply for the program, DES providers can download an application form via secure login with the Department of Social Services.  Before submitting the form, please ensure that the participant personal details, medical practitioner information and DES provider information are all complete.

When complete, DES application forms can be emailed to

DES – Employment Support Service

DES- Employment Support Service (ESS) participants may be eligible to receive hearing services if they meet one of the other eligibility criteria for the program.  For example; if they are a Centrelink pension card or Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold Health care card holder.

To find out more about eligibility, visit Am I Eligible to receive fully subsidised hearing services?

In addition to the program, there are a range of services and other support that can help people better manage their hearing loss.  For more information, visit the Useful Links page.

For further information about DES, please visit their website or talk to your DES provider.


Disability Employment Services (PDF 53 KB)

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