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I'm not eligible - where can I get help?

Not everyone is eligible for the Australian Government Hearing Services Program (the program). If you are not eligible for the program, you may be able to have a hearing aid fitted at a reduced cost through a hearing aid bank.

How do hearing aid banks work? 

Hearing aid banks are run by volunteers in most States and the Northern Territory. The hearing aid banks recondition donated hearing aids and distribute the hearing aids according to their eligibility criteria.

Where do the hearing aids come from?

When a client of the program no longer requires their hearing aid, they or their next of kin, can choose to donate the hearing aid to a hearing aid bank. The hearing aid is reconditioned to be used again.

Am I eligible?

When you go to a hearing aid bank you will be tested against their eligibility criteria. Eligibility for a hearing aid is generally for people who:

  • do not qualify for the program and
  • do not have enough money for a hearing aid.

Where is my nearest hearing aid bank?


Hearing Care Industry Association (HCIA) Hearing Aid Bank 

The aim of HCIA’s hearing aid bank is to assist those on low incomes, as defined by the Federal Government, who are either excluded from the paid workforce or at risk of leaving the paid workforce due to hearing loss.

Successful applicants to the hearing aid bank receive a voucher, which will be redeemable for a basic hearing aid (as defined by the Office of Hearing Services) . The voucher will be up to the value of $1,500. The voucher will enable the individual to choose where they wish to have their aid fitted/supplied.

New South Wales

Self Help for Hard of Hearing runs the hearing aid bank for people with a Health Care Card. For over 10 years the bank has been working with Macquarie University who reconditions the aids and provides the fitting and moulds.

Website Address Self Help for Hard of Hearing People 

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Better Hearing Australia – Victoria has been fitting hearing aids for over 30 years. The bank does not have official eligibility criteria, but will assess each application based on income and other circumstances, a suitable hearing aid being available and ineligibility to obtain government assistance.

Website Address Better Hearing Australia

Hearservice (Victorian Deaf Society) runs a subsidised hearing aid service by selling new hearing aids at a reduced cost. This service is available to people with a Health Care Card, or for people whose income is not higher than the upper threshold for payment of Commonwealth Benefits.

Hearservice has clinics located in the Melbourne metropolitan area and Geelong. Call hearservice for more information and your closest site.

Website Address hearservice 

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South Australia

The Audiology Department at Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) runs a hearing aid bank. People who have a Low Income Health Care Card are eligible for a hearing aid. The bank collects digital behind-the-ear hearing aids, checks their functionality and passes them on to a private audiology practice that fits the aids to eligible people at minimal cost. Please contact the Audiology Department at RAH for more information or an appointment.

Royal Adelaide Hospital
Address: Audiology Department
Level 6
McEwin Building
North Terrace
Adelaide SA 5000 
Phone: (08) 8222 4288

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Northern Territory

The Deafness Association of the Northern Territory mostly fits new analogue hearing aids, but they also fit reconditioned aids. The bank will carry out a means test and require you to join their organisation.

Local volunteer audiologists assess, fit and follow-up with clients of the Deafness Association. They will fit one aid per person.

The Deafness Association of the Northern Territory
Address: Shop 14
Casuarina Plaza
Trower Road
Casuarina NT 0810
Phone: (08) 8945 2016 (8.30-12.30)

The Central Aboriginal Congress has a hearing aid bank which runs a program where babies, children and adults suffering from hearing loss and infection are supported by an Ear Health Worker and a Hearing Specialist (Audiologist).

Central Aboriginal Congress
Address: 25 Gap Road
Alice Springs NT 0871 
Phone: (08) 8951 4479

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Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane runs a free hearing aid bank for people with a Health Care Card or those who can show they cannot afford an aid. You will need a referral from a Queensland Health or Northern New South Wales Hospital. The bank provides one hearing aid per person.

Website Address Princess Alexandra Hospital Audiology

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Hearing Link (Tasmanian Deaf Society) runs a hearing aid bank for people who are not eligible for the program and cannot afford a hearing aid.

Website Address Hearing Link


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